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Wednesday , 19 June 2019
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Mickey Mehta's top five mantras to lead a better life

By Saket Suman
New Delhi, Oct 6 (IANS) A well-known holistic health and fitness guru, Mickey Mehta is out with his self-help book, “The Shoonyam Quotient”, and his ideas, he said, will leave you energised, fulfilled and peaceful.

In an interview with IANS, Mehta shared his top five mantras for people to follow so as to lead a better life.

His own life, he said, has always been a journey of personal growth and evolution and he firmly believes that when a person stops pushing his limits he stops living.
A roving childhood robbed him of the comfort and security that a 10-year-old desires. “But my stints at the boarding schools seeded the passion to pursue fitness and embark upon a spiritual lifestyle at the age of 16. My active physical endeavours helped me don multiple hats as health club coach to fitness trainer to martial arts instructor in my early innings.

“The turning point was my programme of teaching swimming in under 24 hours; this opened portals to the glamour industry and the Miss India pageant, following which Bollywood beckoned to coach and train reigning superstars on health, wellness and, of course, fitness. Being the pioneer of revolutionary fitness and wellness programmes, I started getting a lot of media attention, which eventually led to corporate collaborations,” Mehta said.

Every human is caught in the web of “personality polarities”, said Mehta. People are enslaved by multiple roles and facades that they maintain to deliver their societal responsibilities. At any single point they play the roles of father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, employee, boss, friends, mentor and many, many more.

“While we struggle to manoeuvre around these complex personality polarities, we often lose ourselves in this matrix. My book teaches you how to evolve beyond this maze of polarities and root into your authentic being — how to celebrate all that you are without putting on personality masks to survive,” he said.

Mehta has been a mentor to some of India’s top industrialists, senior politicians, media barons, entertainment industry celebrities, international supermodels and senior officers of the Indian Police Force.

Here are Mehta’s top five tips to help you lead a better life:

1. Go beyond nourishing your body via food; nourish your mind and soul with cosmic nutrition. Your body only reacts to the food you give it; but it responds to cosmic nutrition. This responsiveness is what allows you to experience oneness with the infinite power of the universe.

2. Today the average human is struggling to live a quality life as he’s lost in the chase-maze of ambition and aspirations; he must learn to attain rejuvenating and recharging rest every single day instead of just falling asleep out of sheer exhaustion. The art of being in “shoonyam-ness” (state of mental emptiness) just before hitting the bed is the secret of achieving this.

3. Yogis and zen masters breath the universe in with every breath they take; this is the secret to their bliss. In my book I show you how to stop breathing semantically — just inhalation and exhalation — and practise “aware-ha-lation” instead to absorb the power of cosmic energy to nourish your body and transport your mind to sheer blissfulness.

4. Food and sex are probably the most primal needs of today’s social animal; but when you practise the power of sex for more than just procreation or pleasure, you will unleash the raw primal creative energy contained within you. This is when sex ceases being an ephemeral energy dump and evolves into being a worship of your own cosmic power of being infinium.

5. Finally, remember, only once you enter “The Shoonyam Quotient” will you be able to raise your “hero-ness” from the state of absolute zero-ness. This state of being you must find yourself in — every single minute of your life — the state of “shoonyam-ness”.

(Saket Suman can be contacted at [email protected])

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