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Microbiome Test kits that help you keep your Gut healthy

In recent years the scientists have called the microbiome the “forgotten organ”. As its  emerging role is affecting everything from our mood to a risk of a disease like Coronavirus. In ideal conditions, the  microbiome-immune system alliance allows the initiation of protective responses against germs. If you are looking for a diet that helps you keep your gut healthy there are some microbiome test kits which could help you figure out how healthy your gut is  and what are the nutrients that are lacking in your diet to keep it healthy.



Bug Speaks, an innovative diagnostic tool which uses the microbes residing in human gut to predict susceptibility to over 20 diseases. Based on this data, Bug Speaks also provides nutritional and probiotic recommendations.BugSpeaks is an easy to use at home sampling kit.BugSpeaks is also part of India’s first gut microbiome based clinical trial.  Bug Speaks attempts to detect imbalances in the gut microbiome and understand the microbial community using parameters like metabolic activity, gene expression, symbiotic and parasitic activities The test is non-invasive and can find application in the clinical sector in improving quality of life for patients suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, colorectal cancer, depression, diabetes, obesity, and pregnancy-related issues.


Bione has developed a Gut Microbiome kit which analysis the Gut Microbiome and  can show how strong you are to fight infections like CORONAVIRUS. Gut Microbiome test is the only way to know when a virus is no longer in your system.The Microbiome kit also identifies and quantifies the microbiome in the gut, based on which a personalised diet is recommended.With the vision of leapfrogging genetic testing and microbiome services in India, they have founded Bione Ventures which envisions to empower people to unlock their health and fitness through personalised genetics and microbiome. The genetic programme uncovers the disease predispositions and microbiome, and decodes the secret to a healthy gut.


Viome’s Gut intelligence test gives a Comprehensive health insights about your gut microbiome that empower you to make the best..Taking the Gut Intelligence Test couldn’t be simpler. Once you place your order, Viome will send you an easy to use, non-invasive at-home kit to collect your sample. Then you simply return your sample using the postage-paid box provided. Your results and dietary recommendations will be delivered straight to your phone via Viome’s secure and user friendly mobile app.



Microba is a company working to create a community of greater health. It is focused on microbial genomics with a unique kit to analyse gut bacteria. The gut analysis kit helps analyse the gut microbiome to detect micro-organisms. Its microbiome test kit that provides detailed insights into the microorganisms inhabiting your gut and how they function.It is a powerful, evidence-based tool that allows you to learn about your unique microbial community in unprecedented detail and identifies dietary suggestions that may improve your overall health and wellbeing.Microba not only provides a home test kit and report to explain the bacteria living in a person’s gut, but also dietary suggestions to assist with fueling beneficial gut bacteria

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