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Miklens Bio: India’s next step towards sustainable cultivation

The oldest occupation of India, is also the most challenging one. The umpteen challenges faced by the agriculture industry are only worsened by the use of non-degradable chemical fertilisers.

The need to outdo competition and produce seasonal crops all-round the year is also one of the triggers behind non-sustainable cultivation. In the battle of survival, the end consumer remains unjustified by consuming crops that are grown using lab treated chemicals.

With the aim of resolving this issue Miklens Bio started in August 2016 and headquartered in Mumbai has put in the much required hardwork and research to develop products that aid eco-friendly farming.  At MiklensBio, the products are developed to boost agricultural yield, while keeping human health and environmental sustainability in mind. The organisation also aims at solvingglobal food security issues byproviding a safe and healthy alternative to farming.

Miklens Bio strongly advocates the philosophy of responsible agricultural practices. Its technology portrays the idea of “Farming with naturally driven microbes” with a goal to reduce the dependence on toxic chemical pesticides.

Product Development

Thewide range of products are developed by the mix of carefully preserved traditional knowledge with the latest scientific advancements which helps in Residue Free Cultivation.Miklens Bio is dedicated to bringing to the market agricultural products that are globally accepted because of the positive impact they have on farming communities, and on the society.

Unlike broad-spectrum synthetic chemicals, these products work specifically against certain target organisms without harming beneficial organisms.

The various products developed by Miklens Bio fall under the category of Plant Growth Enhancers, Plant Protection, Bio-Fertiliser, and Bio Pesticides. These are developed in Miklens Labs and aim to improve the quality of the produce along with the profitability of the farmers.



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