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Milk And Technology: The dairy trade attracting youths

Gone are the days when the parents used to say sarcastically that ‘agar nahi padhoge to kya karoge? Bhains chadaoge? (if you don’t study, what will you do? Will you be a buffalo grazier), this is a most popular reprimand that most of us were hurled. 

Let’s come to today’s scenario. Technology has penetrated into every sector. Even the milk industry is not untouched. The Information Technology revolution has evolved the milk industry as well and made the life of a milkman easier. The milk industry is no more a sector of uneducated people. 

As the diary trade became a lucrative industry, even high educated youths see their bright career in the sector.

The dairy trade has been boosted with the support of technology. If you type Milk in Google Play store you will find number of mobile applications which throw light on the technological part of milk industry. 

Here are some premium milk related mobile Apps that are available in Google Play store. 

Amul Online: The leader of White Revolution in India, Amul has mobile App. The app helps to run and manage the trade. One can engage their business with Amul via this App. 

Pai Milk: The mobile application is one of the first online milk stores in India. The App is being operated in Rajasthan’s Jaipur.

There are some Apps that enable people to maintain their calculation and data. ‘Milkzon online milk and more’ is being operated by Milkush E-retail & Marketing LLP which make milk trade easier. Another mobile app is ‘Milk Management’- the App was launched by Tamil Nadu based Nithra Edu Solution India which helps to manage the all milk related calculation. Doodh Diary (Milk) by Puru is also doing the same.

Even the government and some institutions also came forward with some technology-driven campaign to help milkman.  Information Network on Animal Productivity and Health (INAPH)- a software tool- which was developed by India’s National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) is widely being used to run diary industry. The tool enables 2.4 million milkmen balancing the diets of cattle. The software tool was exhibited at the annual Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock Meeting held at Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in last month. 

They run some WhatsApp groups and social media pages to protect cows and buffaloes from cattle smugglers. 

Subsequently with the involvement of technology in the milk trade, we can say that milk trade is no more subject to a social stigma.

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