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Sunday , 20 January 2019
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Milky Way galaxy lies in a gigantic celestial void, reveal scientists

Recent observations made by scientists have revealed that our galaxy, the Milky Way, is situated in a vast celestial void that measures more than one billion light years across. A celestial void is a place where very few galaxies or stars or planets exist. Scientists have compared this phenomenon in the universe with the Swiss cheese with holes. Scientists said that sometimes one may travel millions of light years in space without finding any galaxies, whereas at other times they may come across gigantic galaxy super clusters that have numerous galaxies quite close together. The celestial voids are like the holes in the Swiss cheese, said scientists.

Being in a celestial void and among gigantic galaxy super clusters could also alter the perception of how fast the universe is actually expanding. For example, in a galaxy super cluster, things would be moving towards us due to the increased gravity. This would make it appear that the universe is expanding at a slower rate, although there is no real change in the actual expansion rate of the universe. On the other hand, when in a celestial void, like the Milky Way, which has less gravity, things appear to move faster away, giving the impression that the universe is expanding at a faster rate.

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