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Missing Air India painting: Airline prepares list of ex-employees suspected of stealing artwork

An internal committee of Air India is preparing a list of former employees who are suspected of siphoning-off artwork,  an airline official said on Friday.

The airline will “not take any action if its artworks are returned”, an airline official said. 

However an internal committee started to prepare list of missing artwork and suspected former employees who might have them in their possession.

The airline had started to lend out artwork of its vast collection to top executives in the past with the rider that the same be returned back to the company up on retirement.

“No one knows when did the practice of lending out artwork began, or who started it,” the official said.

The development comes after an unknown person returned a Jatin Das painting.

The painting was couriered to Air India chairman and Managing Director Ashwani Lohani around two weeks back.

The airline has initiated an extensive investigation on the matter and suspected former officials of the airline have been questioned.

On July 6, Air India said that it has initiated an inquiry to verify allegation about the theft of paintings from its vast collection.

The investigation was initiated after the eminent artist had written to Lohani to inform him about the missing painting which was available on the black market.


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