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Friday , 26 April 2019
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Mistakes that are completely against the Vaastu Shashtra

vaastuVastu for House means first we should check the placement of the property and after that only wehave to check the placement of the rooms and their doors position. People should be careful when they are doing renovation works as per vastu for house. If any mistake was committed at the time of renovation work, again residents has to do alterations, it may double the expenditure.

Don’t fret; you don’t need to break down your home to make it Vaastu compliant. Follow these simple tips while considering doing up the interiors of your house and usher in a vibrant atmosphere.

⦁ Colours affect your mood
⦁ Colours to choose – blue, yellow, white and dark green
⦁ Colours to avoid – red, black and grey in the entrance
⦁ Avoid cactus/thorny plants
⦁ Avoid – Plants in the northeast corner of the house and potted-plants along the north and east walls of the house
⦁ Go for – Place auspicious plants like Tulsi (basil) or money plant for prosperity and happiness
⦁ Choosing the wall décor/paintings
⦁ Avoid – heavy statues should not be placed in the northeast area of the room. Statues or figures of wild beasts and birds should be avoided
⦁ Go for – rangoli, Om and Swastika symbols can be safely used as they ward off evil spirits and influences
⦁ Avoid overhead beams
⦁ Avoid – Sitting below the overhead beams for they will lead to you constantly worrying about something or the other
⦁ Go for – Try masking the beams with a false ceiling or hang a lighting fixture or chandelier on the beam to balance the energies
⦁ Do not clutter the bedroom – Vastu believes that cluttering of objects leads to negative vibrations especially in the bedroom. In fact, bedroom is a room where you should be able to calm yourself totally and be at peace

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