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Mitashi introduces their newest speakers to add zeal to your festive celebrations!

Mitashi Edutainment a leading premium value homegrown consumer electronics and durables brand has launched four high-intensity tower speakers for the discerning musician. The 2.0 channel tower speakers are incorporated with BlueConnect Technology, USB, SD/MMC Card Reader, Digital FM Radio; and for the singing enthusiast, a Karaoke feature with a Cordless Mic is included. The speakers are fully functional Remote Control and controlled by a Feather Touch control panel that makes it a pleasure to hear your favorite music. All speaker systems come protected with a One Year Warranty. 

Model 1: TWR 8480 BT:
A high power dual-channel speaker system, with a 6000 W PMPO outage makes it a pleasure to hear your favorite music over BlueConnect Technology or USB, SD/MMC Card Reader.    

Model 2: TWR 8499 BT:
This dual channel speaker system comes with a comfortable 7500 W PMPO wattage. And for the singing enthusiast, a Karaoke system with a Cordless Mike is included

Model 3: TWR 8699 BT:
Indulge your passion and enjoy the pleasures of music with Mitashi’s high wattage, 2.0 channel speaker system, with a passionate 8000 W PMPO. Feel the music via BlueConnect Technology, or USB, insert your SD/MMC Card Reader and be experience music. The fully functional Remote Control and Feather Touch features ensure you enjoy music. All this comes with a One Year Warranty.

Model 4: TWR 9699 BT:

A whopping power-packed 2.0 channel speaker system, with a 15,000 W PMPO outage makes it outrageously loud and fabulous to hear your favourite music; be it indoors or outdoors; it is simple pleasures unleashed    

Mitashi’s Tower Speaker Systems understand the Indian consumer and are priced at a very affordable range. This makes it one of the most reasonably priced ones in the market, yet it does not compromise on quality and sound. Since these are all plug-in-and-use, they’re very simple to set up and operate. The Tower Speakers are 2.0 channel speaker systems providing amazing sound, exceptional clarity and high sound quality, these speakers are recommended for the discerning listener.
Mitashi’s Tower Speaker range is available at all leading electronics stores and online portals. And buyers have their acclaimed after-sales service at their disposal. Bring home a Mitashi Tower Speaker this festive season and simply enjoy the magic of sound.

 What: Four new additions to Mitashi’s Speakers range

When: October 15 onwards

Price: INR 10,990/- onwards

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