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MLA Nitish Rane held for throwing fish at govt officer

This isn’t a fishy story but the story that involves fish. We would have heard lot of times this famous phrase “fish” which is used as a substitute for a much adversary language but the real fish has landed an MLA in trouble.

Congress MLA, Nitish Rane was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly throwing a fish on a Government Officer thereby preventing him from discharging the duties. On account of this, he was arrested and was later granted bail by the local court.

Rane, along with 23 others, was arrested at Malvan in coastal Konkan for allegedly throwing fish at a senior government officer in Sidhudurg district during a meeting last week, Sindhudurg Additional Superintendent of Police Prakash Gaikwad told.

In the wake of agitations shown by various politicians across the country on different occasion, these politicians were not spared unlike earlier where they could commit an error and walk away without being questioned. Recently we saw couple of MP’s – one from Maharashtra and another one from Telangana creating ruckus on airport and were later banned flying in few airlines which was later repealed after the intervention of the Government.

The above incidents clearly shows that the Law and Order is taking strict cognisance in the wake of events like this ensuring that the culprits are punished.

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