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Modern technology makes critical care at home a reality

New Delhi, 24th September, 2018 In an attempt to spread awareness around the current trends and challenges of ‘Home based critical care, Physician’s Forum of Jalandhar organized a Continuing medical education seminar (CME) at Hotel Radisson, Jalandhar. 60+ eminent doctors of the city attended the consortium to share, spread and express their views on the concept of home health care in India. Home healthcare’s integration in Jalandhar’s healthcare ecosystem was further established with launch of HealthCare atHOME, India’s leading home healthcare service provider, in Jalandhar.

With India fighting the dual burden of increasing non communicable diseases and shortage of hospital beds, home healthcare becomes the immediate answer to India’s healthcare woes. Dr. Amit Madaan, Critical Care Specialist, Patel Hospital said, “Punjab’s health status is improving steadily. With use of modern technology, accessibility and availability of quality healthcare can be further improved in the state, and in fact across India. Home healthcare is an immediate and effective solution to ensure citizens do not have to travel to metro cities for their healthcare needs. We welcome HealthCare atHOME in Jalandhar with hopes that they will provide high quality and compassionate care to patients at the comfort of their home and save them the trouble of travelling to tier I cities for their treatment.”


Addressing the seminar, Abhishek Malik, Regional Head, North HealthCare at HOME said, “Home healthcare solutions are often mistaken with a semi-skilled maid servant looking after a patient at home. Unskilled labour can lead to worsening of patient’s condition. Our objective is to help the citizens of Jalandhar understand that hospital like care can be made possible at the familiar atmosphere of home with the added advantage of being cost effective too. Our focus in the city is to provide our complete array critical care solutions including ICU set up at home and cancer care at home. We ensure, that with our highly trained medical manpower and advanced technology, home healthcare improves access and availability of quality healthcare for patients in Jalandhar.”


In the CME, HealthCare atHOME shed light on sophisticated apparatus, devices and algorithms used by them in patient homes by exceptionally well trained nursing and paramedical staff under a centralized monitoring system that links them to doctors and specialists to provide high quality ICU step down care, and medical procedures and care in oncology, immunology, fracture, stroke etc.


President of the Jalandhar Physicians Forum, Dr. Vinod Kumar Trakroo_HC further stressed on the indispensable role that home healthcare will play in the future to ease the city’s healthcare burden and to provide a wider array of healthcare solutions to patient doorsteps. The CME commenced with the opening address by Dr. Nitin Arora, secretary of the Physicians forum and was attended by key members of the forum, Dr. Vijay Mahajan and Dr. Raman Chawla. Besides, Dr. Gaurav Thukral COO, HCAH aslso enlightened the forum with his experience in home ICUs across India and the globe.

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