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Tuesday , 25 June 2019
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Modi demonetization is ‘economic looting’, said Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi attacking the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and demonetization said that the move is ‘economic looting’ during a rally in election rally in Almora.

modi-demonetization-is-economic-looting-said-rahul-gandhiThe Congress vice-president said, “If demonetization had been an anti-corrupt move, Congress had been totally in favor of the the move.”

Gandhi added that the move isn’t an anti-corruption move but it is looting the economy.

The Congress leader during the rally demonetisation move is “callous and has affected only the poor.”

Gandhi was referring to low-income group people standing in long queues.

Gandhi further said, “this is the truth of ‘suit-boot ki sarkar’. It cares only about the industrialists.”

During the rally Gandhi repeatedly mentioned that the BJP led NDA-government is only for the rich.

Gandhi further added that the PM is simply ignoring the poor. “We wanted to have two minutes of silence in Parliament for the 100 people who died standing in queues,” Rahul said.

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