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Modi’s travel bill down by 38%

Modi’s travel bill has come down drastically. In the first year, when he took over the reins, it was Rs.140.14 crores that was incurred towards travel but the very next year, the ill has come down to Rs.87.16 crores. The details for the third year is not yet been made public. The above figure works out to a 38% drop. For the calculation purposes, the bills were from June 2015 to May 2016.

When compared to his predecessor, this is a good sign because when Manmohan Singh was the PM, he incurred Rs.43.52 crores in the first year but it went up by 46% in the second year where he incurred a total bill of Rs.63.3 crores.

Modi made 11 foreign trips during the first year, 9 in the second year and six in the third year that’s currently on. Singh went on six foreign trips in the first year,  nine in the second year and six again in the third year. 

While the domestic travel of a prime minister is covered under the defence budget, overseas flight-related expenses are paid out from the Budget head “Cabinet ministers’ maintenance of PM’s aircraft and other charges”

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