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MoëtHennessy supports an extraordinary challenge by becoming an Official Partner of Solar Impulse2

Mumbai, February 26, 2015 — MoëtHennessy announces its two-year support as an Official Partner of the airplane Solar Impulse 2, which will depart Abu Dhabi as early as March 3rd, 2015 in an attempt to achieve the first round-the-world flight, powered only by solar energy. The India leg of the Solar Impulse journey has stops planned in Ahmedabad and Varanasi where MoëtHennessy India will extend support to the initiative, and raise awareness for renewable energy.

“Celebrating Sustainability”

image003Its support for Solar Impulse and its teams shows MoëtHennessy’s taste for pushing the envelope and conquering new territories, as well as recognizing the role of excellence and innovation as two key drivers of progress worldwide.

Growth in the MoëtHennessy Group and its 21 prestigious brands has been fuelled by their pioneering spirit and the conquest of new territories. The first consignment of champagne was dispatched to Russia dating back to 1780, by Veuve Clicquot. Hennessy started exporting cognac to the United States in 1787, two years before the French Revolution, followed by China in 1859. Today, MoëtHennessy exports 95% of its production and is the world’s leading producer and exporter of luxury wines and spirits.

Supporting Solar Impulse also means celebrating a leap towards a better world. MoëtHennessy wants to raise awareness of the vast potential of renewable energy sources. MoëtHennessy, which derives all its products from the earth, has a proactive environmental policy based on seven key elements: sustainable agriculture, energy, water and effluents, waste and recycling, ecological design, a green supply chain and choosing responsible providers.

MoëtHennessy Chairman and CEO Christophe Navarre explains: “We immediately felt a very strong connection with what we are and what we want to become. We love challenges, we have a spirit of conquest, and the success of our brands has always been inspired by noble human adventures. We know how to take risks and like to think nothing is impossible. We will spread this message throughout the aircraft’s voyage. For us, India, China and the United States are key markets in which we will be proud to help raise awareness of renewable energy.”

Giving the challenge an emotional flavor

MoëtHennessy will be with the Solar Impulse teams every step of the way to celebrate every challenge they rise up to and every exploit they pull off.

MoëtHennessy’s 6,000 employees all over the world will also be part of the adventure through a digital platform where they can discover the project from the inside. The online platform will be open to anyone who wants to follow the adventure live and feature content published by Solar Impulse.

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