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Monsoon Tips: Home remedies can help you stop sneezing

Sneezing can be sometimes very annoying and especially when it is lasting for more than a minute. What if we tell you that you can stop sneezing very easily with some home remedies? Yes, we are not kidding. Here are some simple and easy home remedies that can help you stop sneezing within seconds.

Citrus Fruit:
Flavanoids present in citrus fruits like lemons and orange are very powerful anti-oxidant that builds and boosts the immune system. And one of the many causes of sneezing could be bacteria and allergies. Consumption of oranges, lemons and grapefruits will allow one to fight against the bacteria and prevent allergies. 

A great source of antioxidants, amla has anti-bacterial properties, which boosts immunity. You can either have it raw or you can extract amla juice and drink it to get relief from sneezing. You can add some honey to cure sinus problem.

Black Cardamom:
An Indian aromatic spice, black cardamom can instantly help you get rid of sneezing instantly. Just chew two to three cardamoms a day and keep sneezing at bay. How it work? It regulates the mucus flow in the nasal cavity and prevents sneezing.

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