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More trouble for Actor Dileep

Dileep, the famous Malayalam actor who has been arrested for conspiring the abduction of actress Bhavna and molesting her is in more trouble. The actor who got arrested couple of days by Kerala police after the arrest of Pulsar Suni who mentioned that Dileep had hired him to execute his plan for a consideration of Rs.1.5 crore out of which Rs.50 lakhs was paid as advance.

Dileep who was earlier married to famous actress Manju Warrier had split up with her and remarried another actress Kavya Madhavan. Dileep was of opinion that Bhavna was responsible for the split up with Warrier and there were also other troubles with regards to real estate since during good time, Bhavna was indulged in land dealing business with Dileep which went sour.

The news of Bhavna getting engaged to a Kannada film producer irked Dileep who wanted to avenge her and contracted Pulsar Suni. After the news of Dileep’s arrest emerged out, it was the Malayalam Film Association which has removed Dileep from all the posts including from the basic membership. This news was announced by Mammootty. Kavya Madhavan who is also suspected to be involved in the Bhavna abduction case has gone into hiding fearing arrest since news emerged that she would be taken into custody for interrogation.

When Dileep applied for bail, the Kerala High Court has refused to grant him bail and now the news has emerged that the properties of Dileep were being raided by the Enforcement Department.

Bhavna has issued a formal statement which was published on the Facebook page of her brother where she has denied having any financial dealings with Dileep whatsoever. 

Meanwhile, Kalabhavan Mani who passed away last year is said to have had real estate dealing with Dileep and this is what is the reason behind his death, his brother alleged. A malayalam movie director has also made the similar allegations about Kalabhavan Mani’s death and said that he has all material evidence against Dileep and he will reveal it soon.

The cops have taken Dileep to Thrissur for further investigation.


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