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Movie Review: Deadpool



Release Date:  February 11, 2016

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, Karan Soni, Gina Carano, TJ Miller, Stefan Kapicic, Brianna Hildebrand

Director: Tim Miller

Genre:  Action, Adventure, Comedy

Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes

Deadpool offers an entirely new twist in the tale for the superhero genre, as it rubbishes the pretentious and self-righteous flavor of most other superhero movies till date. While some critics have come down heavily on this form of superhero self-deprecation, the majority, including the audience, believes that this purportedly ‘irresponsible behavior’ is what was actually needed to edge out the predictability and dullness that had crept into the superhero genre over the years. An average superhero movie would have the standard good guy taking on the bad guy, but Deadpool offers a refreshing new perspective, which is worth watching.

Deadpool stars Wade Wilson (Reynolds), who plays the role of a former Special Forces operative, working as a mercenary to make a living. All seems well in Wade’s life, until he comes across Ajax (Skrein), a bad character with wicked plans. Ajax offers Wade to give him superpowers, but little does Wade know that these superpowers have a big price on them. Turns out that Ajax is deviously seeking Wade’s girlfriend, and when Wade gets to know about this, it’s time for him to exact revenge.

Deadpool is being considered as a comeback movie for actor Ryan Reynolds, since he has not been in the news much after the washout of his movie ‘Green Lantern’ in 2011. Deadpool is attracting movie goers worldwide, for which Ryan has expressed his sincere thanks and gratitude. The movie’s popularity is not surprising since it has plenty to offer to its audience – oodles of humor, loads of action, a clever script, and none of the conventional morally upright superhero stuff. The movie also uses a direct engagement with the audience, which is extremely delightful and endearing.

Deadpool is a must watch for its delicious irrelevance, subversive content, and snarky one-liners.


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