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Thursday , 27 June 2019
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Movie Review : Main Aur Charles

Release Date:  October 30, 2015

Cast:Randeep Hooda, RichaChadha, Adil Hussain

Director:Prawaal Raman


Duration: 2 hours 03 minutes


Manipulative, charming, enigmatic, mysterious, intelligent, hypnotic and most of all, extremely dangerous – these are some of the characteristics that define the main protagonist of the movie, who we all know as Charles Sobhraj (Randeep Hooda). With a Delhi top-cop Amod Kanth (Adil Hussain) hot on the trail of this psychopathic conman, also known as ‘the serpent’ and ‘the bikini-killer’, what ensues is a thrilling cat and mouse game where the criminal is always one step ahead, albeit eventually when the notorious killer is brought to book. However, this eventuality too has an interesting twist in the tale.

The intrigue sets in when Thailand police discover some bikini-clad bodies washed ashore. The scene sets the stage for the audience to discover who Charles Sobhraj is, ‘what he is’ and why he does what he does. Sobhraj’s deftness with woman is one of the key characteristics that allow him to commit his various crimes, all while planning his escape, so that he can be there for more. The systematically orchestratedTihar jail break gives an idea about Sobhraj’s intelligence as well as the lax police system of that time, when people could be manipulated with a little money and some cajoling to look the other way. It also points out to the deficiencies in the system.

Director Prawaal Raman has done a great job of recreating the era of the 60s-70s andhis most wise decision is probably casting Randeep Hooda to play the role of Charles Sobhraj. Randeep has been spectacular in matching the sophisticated personality and smugness of the character, one that smirks instead of smiling because deep within he considers himself superior to everyone else around. In spite of the heinous crimes he committed, his inherent charisma is so potent that people areinexorably attracted to the character. This movie is as close as you can ever get to know Charles Sobhraj, so better not miss it.

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