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Movie Review: Mastizaade



Release Date:  January 29, 2016

Cast: Sunny Leone, Tusshar, Vir Das, Suresh Menon, Shaad Randhawa, Asrani

Director: Milap Milan Zaveri

Genre:  Sex Comedy

Duration: 1 hour 48 minutes

A lot many may pooh-pooh at movies like Mastizaade, but apparently a market does exist for such movies. And that’s what really matters, as far as the movie makers are concerned. Even with a fractured script that has reportedly been assaulted by the Censor Board, Mastizaade still carries loads of masala to titillate and excite the audience. Further, if the acts are done by sensuous Sunny Leone, and that too in a double role, one can be sure that there is no real need for things like a good script or anything else for that matter. As long as there’s Sunny Leone’s tasteful skin show, a movie can generate decent income even with a non-existent screenplay, sexual innuendoes, bad jokes, and stupid dialogues. The movie makers of Mastizaade appear to be following the same belief system.

Sunny Kele (Tusshar) and Aditya Chotia (Vir Das) play the role of sex addicts, who can never get “enough of it”. Their lives change dramatically when they meet identical twins, Lily and Laila Lele (Sunny Leone). It’s a roller coaster ride thereon, as the lead players traverse from Mumbai to Pattaya, all while engaging in double-meaning dialogues and chasing one another in various states of undress. To top it up, there are plenty of crass hand gestures that keep the story moving forward.

Sunny Leone looks gorgeous all throughout and effectively manages to grab eyeballs, as she struts around in an assortment of bikinis. Tussar and Vir also seem to have played their part, especially when it comes to targeting their niche fan following. Director Milap Zaveri, credited with decent comedies like Grand Masti in the past, could have done better, but it appears that he has taken the audience for granted and dished out an unsavoury mumbo-jumbo.

Go for Mastizaade for its glamour quotient and if you don’t mind some slapstick entertainment.

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