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Movie Review : Tamasha

Release Date:November 27, 2015

Cast:Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone

Director:Imtiaz Ali


Duration: 2 hours 34 minutes


The coming together of Bollywood exes onscreen has always sparked peoples’ interest in that specific movie. One of Tamasha’s USPs is just that, where everyone from the audience to the actors and the writer/director is trying to find a reel life closure to a real life situation. Ved (Ranbir) meets Tara (Deepika) during his first adventure as a grownup – an incognito trip to Corsica. Sparks fly between the two soon after, but they decide to do things differently, i.e. create a different story altogether. However, even as they pledge not to ask each other any questions, to not have sex, and go their separate ways after the vacation, it turns out that Cupid is way too strong for even the most resolute humans.

Four years later, they still long for each other, although Ved doesn’t show his feelings, part being a characteristic trait and part due to his busy schedule, working as a project manager in a top rated tech company in Delhi. Tara on the other hand is much more expressive in revealing her longing. However, when they do meet again in India, Tara discovers that Ved is now more of a mechanised robot, something very different from the free-spirited man she had met 4 years ago in Corsica. From thereon, it’s Ved’s journey to find his true self and realize how it would never have been possible, had he not met Tara.

Both actors, Ranbir and Deepika, have delivered mature, yet quirkyperformances. While Ranbir effortlessly plays the corporate character, Deepika is luminous and a lot more sure-footed in her part. Even when they are exes in real life, their chemistry is sparkling. Director Imtiaz Ali has also bettered his performance, especially when we compare Tamasha to Rockstar. However, Tamasha lacks in pace when we compare it with Highway. As for the film’s music, Rehman’s songs are groovy, soothing and magical, especially ‘Matargashti‘ and ‘Heertohbadi sad hai’. Go for this if you want to explore new dimensions to love, life and romance.

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