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Movie Review: Tutak Tutak Tutiya

Tutak Tutak Tutiya

Tutak Tutak Tutiya

Release Date:  October 07, 2016
Cast: Prabhu Deva, Tamannaah Bhatia, Sonu Sood
Director: Vijay
Genre: Comedy, Horror
Duration: 2 hours 4 minutes

The horror-comedy genre has not been utilized much in Bollywood, and that is exactly why Tutak Tutak Tutiya comes across as a refreshing change. Here, horror is packaged in such a way that it makes you laugh rather than giving you the chills and the goosebumps.

The story is about Krishna (Prabhu Deva), a bachelor living in the city, who wants to marry a modern, English-speaking, and beautiful city girl. However, his dreams come undone when he ends up marrying a village girl, named Devi (Tamannaah). They start living in a rented house in Mumbai, but neither Krishna nor Devi is aware that the house is haunted and in the grips of its previous owner Ruby, who was an aspiring actress. Sensing an opportunity to achieve stardom, Ruby possesses Devi and starts to walk on the path of becoming a popular actress. What happens to Krishna and other people as a result of Ruby’s ambitions is the core theme of Tutak Tutak Tutiya.

The good thing about the movie is that it does not make tall claims, and yet, delivers a fair dose of laughs and chuckles. The mainstays of the comical scenes are the moments when Ruby possesses and leaves Devi, which creates amusing confusions and keeps everyone guessing. Tamannaah has effectively executed this multi-personality role, and she looks ravishing, as always. Prabhu Deva does not do much other than play the confused and surprised husband, but his dance steps are worth watching. Sonu Sood plays an extended cameo and has done a fairly good job.

Tutak Tutak Tutiya offers clean family humor, which makes it a good movie to enjoy with the entire family. Also, it’s a complete story dedicated to the horror-comedy genre, which makes the movie an interesting watch.

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