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Movies, Shows, Magazines, Catalogues, Books, Commercials: What’s next for Zachary Vazquez

Zachary Vazquez is now a household face. That handsome hunk with a boy-next-door face you’ve seen in commercials, on book covers, and in movies is none other than this Cuban boy brought up in Florida. Perhaps it is the beaches, or maybe it is the sunny state, but very early on, Zachary was inspired to pursue the arts. What started as a modeling and fitness stint has now made him a friendly face in visual media and movies. 

You’ve seen him on Vampire Diaries during one of Damon Salvatore’s not-so-pleasant moods. He also features in many commercials for Disney, Universal Orlando, and Vivemax. Zachary is a cover model for several fitness magazines, which is perhaps no surprise seeing as he is ripped to the core! A background in fitness and stints as a fitness trainer has given him the opportunity to study fitness not just as something to aspire for but something to achieve. 

Zachary also graces many magazines and fashion catalogs. He is a renowned fitness and swimwear model who takes his craft very seriously. His real passion, however, lies in acting. Having realized this very early on, he went on to pursue a course in acting to help him understand the nuances of this fine art. As a result, he learned to take every character very seriously. Even today, he always studies his character and imbibes a part of the character in himself so he may do justice to the role. His short film, That’s How I Roll has gained critical acclaim, and his performance as Zach has been especially lauded in art circles. 

So where will this talented star go next? Many movies and features are on the cards all through 2017 and 2018, so we can hope to see much more of him in the coming months. Zachary is also looking to be cast in lead roles, his experience supporting him in this endeavor. For updates on what he is up to next, you can follow him on both Instagram and Twitter. You can also subscribe to his YouTube channel to watch his latest uploads from sets.

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