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Mrs India 2018 – India’sLargest Platform for Married Woman

Mrs India 2018

Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt ltd Proudly Presents Sixth Edition of Mrs India Pageant, Mrs India 2018 in Association with Spice Club powered by Sakthi Masala.

Our proud Sponsors and Partners Pro-Make up Bridal Studio, Tourism Queen, Feathers Radha Hotel, INIFD, FIDA, Green Queen and Fashion India.

National Grand Finals of Mrs India 2018, A record Break History!

Way to Mrs India 2018 National Grand Finale longest to route for applicants of Mrs India to knock the door which is toughest to open.

Out of more than 3000 Applicants only Seventy-two Mrs India 2018 Applicants were able to make to National Grand Finals of Mrs India 2018

Mrs India 2018’s National Finals will be hosted at Chennai from 26-July-2018 till 31-July-2018 at Feather Radha Hotel

Mrs India is all set to write New Chapter of History !

Mrs India Pageants have written record break Chapter of History every year and Mrs India 2018 Grand Finale will write a new chapter in History with break record Largest National Beauty Pageant ever with Seventy-Two 72 Mrs India 2018 Finalist to Participate on one single Pageant that are been selected through various state level Pageants and Auditions.

What is Mrs India 2018?

Mrs India Pageants is the only existing Pageant in India for married Woman that hosts on ground Nationwide Auditions and State Level Pageants to find winner who then get selected as Most Beautiful Indian Married Woman at Mrs India National Grand Finals.

Mrs India is Pioneer of New Platform:

Mrs India is a Pioneer of Classic Category in India which was introduced by Deepali Phadnis first time in India in the Year 2013 that has left behind a benchmark for many others to follow Mrs India’s Path .

Mrs India is only Premium Beauty Pageant and Gateway for Married Woman in India !

Only Mrs India Pageants winners get opportunity to represent India at World’s Premium making it the only Gateway making it Numero UNO Defacto leader of the Pageant Industry with wings spread in more than Ten Mrs India State Pageants and Six Mrs India Zonal Pageants.

Today Mrs India is the One and Only National Pageant for Married Woman and Gateway to the World’s Premium Beauty Pageants.

Mrs India is a Pageant System not limited to Mrs only:

Mrs India Pageants system have huge spread of umbrella with International affiliation to More than Ten International Premium Beauty Pageants of the World for Miss Mrs, Mr, Models and Fashion Awards on shoulders. Mrs India Pageants is proudly Producing Mrs India Pageant from Year 2013 and surpassing own benchmarks of New Highs every year.

Mrs India Not Just a Model but she is Role Model:

Mrs India Pageants is a platform to showcase Beauty, Talent, Glamour and Culture of India Married woman and Celebrate her Contribution in Family and Social Values, Mrs India does not look for Models but We Make Role Models, Celebrates Beauty in Diversity as we strongly believe that every Woman is Beautiful and every Woman should feel beautiful about her irrespective to her height, weight, age or Colour.

Mrs India’s Beauty with Heart Project :

Mrs India is working on Diabetes Awareness: Mrs India Pageants is working a Diabetes awareness right before the inception of Mrs India by Deepali Phadnis former Mrs Asia International 2012 started working on Diabetes Awareness. Mrs India Pageants have sponsored Medication, Medical Instruments, Disposables and Assistance to below poverty level Juvenile Diabetic Children, raised funds. Director of Mrs India Pageants is being awarded with Blue Ring award by President of International Diabetes Federation which is World’s Oldest NGO serving humanity from more than hundred years. Apart from Diabetes Awareness Mrs India supports various Social Causes be it Preserving Environment, Promoting Art, Celebrating Indian Heritage or Woman Empowerment, Mrs India Pageants and Queens of Mrs India have contributed its own share and we will continue to do so through our Projects Beauty with Heart and MyCityWoman.

Mrs India 2018 Pageant all set to write New Chapter of History:

Journey to Mrs India is very long and steady, Mrs India’s on-Demand applications by applicants received a tremendous response with more than thousands of entries where hundreds and hundreds of Ladies appeared for auditions. Started with Press Conferences and on Floor and Telephonic Auditions. Mrs India hosted Auditions in all regions of India and State Level Pageants.

Mrs India 2018 Grand Finale will break record of being Largest National Beauty Pageant ever with Seventy-Five 75 Mrs India 2018 Finalist to Participate in three Age Categories  .

Mrs India Karnataka 2018:

Mrs India Karnataka Pageant is successfully hosting State level Pageant from Year 2015 by Pratibha Saunshimath Former Classic Mrs India Winner who represented India Internationally on Mrs Asia International and now regional Director of Mrs India Karnataka and Mrs India Kerala Pageants.

Mrs India Karnataka 2018 saw One Hundred and thirty Applicants out of which Thirty (30) Ladies were selected for Mrs India Karnataka 2018 by Pratibha Saunshimath. Mrs India Karnataka 2018 Grand Finale was hosted at Orchids Resorts and Banquets Bangalore from……. And Coronation Night was hosted.

Mrs India Chhattisgarh and Mrs India Madhya Pradesh:

Fifth Edition of Mrs India Chhattisgarh was hosted at Raipur. Mrs India Chhattisgarh is taking place from Year 2014 which has discovered our regional Director Purnima Khare Former Classic Mrs India and Classic Mrs Asia International Winner. Mrs India Chharisgardh hosted Auditions for Mrs India Central for Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh on …….. at ……….. which was attended by two states. State Grand finale was hosted at VW Canyon, A Five Star Hotel in Capital City Raipur, Coronation Night was on ….

Mrs India Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh was a Treat to Eye with Most Beautiful Married Woman from these states were draped for Signature Mrs India Saree Round. Apart from Traditional Wear, Finalists were dressed in Signature round dedicated for Nationalism by Purnima Khare in which Contestant’s walked the ramp in Angel White dressed to show solidarity and compassion for our Nation.

Mrs India Delhi NCR:

Mrs India Pageants hosted its Pageant for Second Time in Delhi this time as Mrs India Delhi NCR 2018, Mrs India Delhi NCR was Organised by Reshma Chawla at The Bristol Hotel . Mrs India 2018‘s Delhi NCR Edition Mrs India Delhi NCR 2018 was hosted at The Bristol Hotel at Gurugram from 16-May-2018. Grand Finals was on 18-May-2018. Mrs India Delhi NCR Pageant was successfully Organised by Trio Ritu Sood, Ahmad Kabir and Reshma Bagrecha  . During three Days Mrs India Contestants were given a Pageant Grooming and Training by Industries leading trainers and groomers .

Personality Development Expert and Pageant Groomer Ritu Gangwani , Nutritional Expert Varun Katyal , Fitness Diva Manisha Sing and Inspirational Speaker Anjali Singh gave , Fashion Styling and unlimited fun was very part of Mrs India Delhi NCR .Bollywood Actress Minarva Chopra did a Special Guest appearance at the event .Mrs India Delhi NCR 2018 was graced by presence of Mr Sandeep Marwah who was Chief Jury of the Pageant along with National Director of Mrs India Pageants Deepali Phadnis ,Varun Katyal ..Mrs India 2017 and Mrs Asia International 2017 Prachi Agarwal made a special guest appearance and encouraged all the contestants for Mrs India 2018

Mrs India Telangana 2018:

Mrs India Telangana 2018 was hosted by reining Queen winner of Classic Mrs India 2017 and Classic Mrs Asia International 2017 Mamta Trivedi who is appointed as Regional Director of Mrs India Telangana.

Mrs India Telangana received a wonderful attendance for the Auditions with 75 Ladies appearing for Auditions, Mamta Trivedi received tremendous response that she has to call for Second Audition on demand by applicants just within a Month of Mrs India Telangana Launch .Mamta Trivedi feel Married Woman need a platform to express themselves and I am feeling so proud to extend that platform to the Ladies of Telangana .

Mrs. India Telangana, a part of the Mrs. India pageant, held its Grand finale on Sunday, 22nd April 2018, at The Park, Hyderabad.

Thirty-Seven Ladies made to the Mrs India Telangana 2018, Where 37 Mrs India Telangana finalists used their innovation and creativity to depict the glory of Telangana, its Art and Craft, Architecture, festivals and the inherent diversity, ranging from the royals of the Nizam era to the tribal and lambada’s. Women aged from 23 years to 65 years used this unique platform to express themselves, showcase their talent and realize their potential. Selecting Mrs. India Telangana finalist was a tough task to do selections from the large number of applicants consisting of Doctors, CEOs, a Car Racer, IT professionals, HR professionals, Interior Designers, working women, artists and housewives, including 2 very youthful senior citizens, who walked the ramp today. Many of them have multiple talents. All this is in addition to taking care of their families. It definitely proves that there is no shortage of talent and capability in Telangana state.

Departments of Telangana Tourism and the Information and Public Relations department of Government of Telangana encouraged the unique concept that is a huge step towards woman empowerment. It was an emotional moment for Mrs. Mamta Trivedi, who lost her mother to cancer less than 10 days before the Grand finale, but was strong enough to continue the event. The entire event was a grand affair, with the right blend of tradition and culture with modernity.

 Mrs India Mumbai 2018 :

Mrs India Mumbai 2018 was successfully conducted at City of Dreams and Bollywood Mumbai in the Radisson Hotel on 14th & 15th of May.

Mrs India Mumbai 2018 was auditioned to select  20 Mrs India Mumbai 2018 Finalits, Being Glamourous and Bollywood City Pageant saw diverse pool of Talent and Glamour who dazzled the Ramp and set it on fire .

The National Head Mrs Deepali Phadnis along with Mrs Asia International winner Mrs Prachi Aggarwal who is former Mrs India North 2017 were present along with Regional Director Mrs Riitu Sood and Mr.Ahmad Kabir Shadan.

The Mrs India Mumbai 2018 Finalists were given training sessions by Various renowned celebrities of the field and show direction.

Mrs India Rajasthan 2018 :

Second Edition of Mrs India Rajasthan 2018 was hosted in Royal City Jaipur at Herittage Hotel Grand Uniara located at the Heart of Royal Heritage City Pink City Jaipur, more than 100 Ladies were Auditioned for Mrs India Rajasthan 2018 across State of Rajasthan in various cities.

Thirty-Six (36) Mrs India Rajasthan 2018 Finalists were selected for State Grand Finalist which was hosted at Hotel Grand Uniara Jaipur on 26th February. Mrs India Rajasthan 2018 finalists showcased Beauty and Royal Heritage state have in various Royal and Tribal Attires. Finalists of Mrs India Rajasthan performed different art forms from all parts of Rajasthan.

Pageant was star studded with Eminent and powerful Ladies from Rajasthan who were not only felicitated but celebrated with launch of Calendar dedicated them.

Along with Ramp Mrs India Rajasthan platform showcased very Rajasthani Culture and Tradition where renowned artists performed Rajasthani Folk Art forms.

Mrs India Himachal Pradesh:

Second Edition of Mrs India Himachal Pradesh 2018 was hosted by Regional Director Namita Sharma at Shivalik Hotel on 18th-April. Mrs India Himanchal Pradesh is largest platform for Married Woman in the state that have discovered magnificent gems of the Himachal State and Classic Mrs India 2017 Winner Kalpana Thakur. For Year 2018 more than 150 Ladies were Auditioned out of which 42 Ladies were selected for Mrs India Himanchal Pradesh 2018.

State Grand Finals of Mrs India Himachal Pradesh 2018 was attended by Reigning Queen Kalpana Thakur along with 2017 Winner and Mrs India 2017 Finalist Vidya Negi were present to encourage Mrs India Himachal Pradesh 2018 Finalist.

Contestants gone through Many Scenic Photoshoots and Colourful Rounds as Vibrant as state with Wonderful Valleys and range of Greater Himalayas.

Mrs India Uttaranchal 2018:

Mrs India Uttarakhand 2018 was Crowned by Regional Director Namita Sharma at State of Mystic Valley’s Uttarakhand’s Capital City Dehradun Hotel on 1st-July.

Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd is looking forward to Host Brand new Episode Mrs India 2018, Sixth edition of Mrs India Pageant by Deepali Phadnis.



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