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Mukesh Ambani ahead in Global Game Changers list – Forbes

Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Industries Chairman is frontrunners in Forbes list of Global Game Changers. The Global Game Changers is awarded to them who are transmuting their businesses and altering the lives of billions of people across the globe.

Forbes released its second yearly Global Game Changers list which includes 25 courageous corporate leaders. It is said that leaders who are displeased with the current situation are mentioned in the list of Global Game Changers.

This year Mukesh Ambani appears at the top of the grade for his game-changing struggles to carry the internet to India’s commonalities.

Forbes said that Oil and gas magnate entered the India’s telecom marketplace with a boom and offered people reckless internet at very low values. The company managed 100 million customers in short time of six months and start out an upsurge of the alliance in the market. Forbes also cited Mukesh Ambani’s statement that everything and all that can drive digital is becoming digital and India cannot remain to be left last.

The listed 25 pioneers are re- visualizing uncountable sides of routine life which range from health to transferring money to kin in the overseas.

Other than Mukesh Ambani, on the list, James Dyson of Dyson, Larry Fink co-founder of American global investment Management Corporation and other famous business leaders are listed.

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