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Mumbai Civic and Delhi Civic are completely dissimilar

Municipal Corporation of Delhi is structured in three municipal as South Delhi, North Delhi, and East Delhi. Every year in Delhi, due to dengue and malaria many capital residents lose their life and even after state government’s many promising words do not change the truth. At present in Delhi, Civic elections to be held and to gain the majority and seat, all political parties have started the same formula of promising but finally which does not meet to reality.

If we see the budget during 2014-15 was of 9551 Crore and the records say about 40 % was spent on salaries to civic employees and corporation and other administrative expenses are included. That means against budget amount only 60 % was spent on capital and public services.

On another hand, Mumbai Municipal Corporation is healthy and wealthy civic compare to Delhi Corporation. BMC is wealthiest civic in the whole of the country. The reasons for becoming wealthy are the income from different sources.   

Compare this with the spending of Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation, the country’s richest municipal body with an annual budget over five times that of Delhi. It spent three times more on health and two times more on the education per person. Remember, the population residing in Mumbai’s municipal area is considerably less than in Delhi. Entry tax, Property tax, and development charges are the chief springs of income for the BMC.  In the case of Delhi, being union territory is not able to achieve the same amount of income sources. Delhi civic gets nearly 40% of incomes from contributions given by the state government.

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