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Thursday , 20 June 2019
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Mumbai team bags first place at India’s Future Tycoons

the country’s first ever entrepreneurship competition for school students

Using Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations as a framework, school students created business solutions to reduce poverty, provide quality education, improve sanitation and increase nutritious intake

Mumbai, 10th February, 2019: The Grand Finale of India’s Future Tycoons, the first ever entrepreneurship platform designed to attract great young minds to present their ideas concluded with outstanding presentation by school students on Sunday at CoWrks, Worli. The competition attracted over 1200 teams from 252 schools across 52 cities in the country. After a stringent process of elimination,the Grand Finale witnessed Top 12 teams competing for a grand cash prize of Rs. 120,000/-

It was inspiringto witness young school-going children aged 13-17 years old present their innovative ideas inspired by Sustainable Development Goals. The children impressed judges with their presentation skills, confidence, innovative ideas, strategic thinking and technological use. Some teams had even created their own websites and prototype mobile applications. The winning team participants – AdvitRanawade, 13 year old student from DhirubhaiAmbani international school ; AnishaJani, 14 year old student and RahilChadha, 15 year old student from AryaVidyaMandir School – were overjoyed to be adjudged the best team. Along with the cash prize a the team also received tablets,certificates, gift vouchers and an opportunity to intern with top companies. Their proposed venture,named Bloom, is based on an idea of an external Tap attachment consisting of an array of sensors, Digital IOT tech and Micro nozzles.This attachment will convert water to mist. Their aim was to conserve water and reduce itsconsumption by 90%, which will further minimize the water bill

Advit, part of the winning team, had come up with an idea to make a FitBit for water taps that converts water to mist, thereby reducingthe water flow and saving the amount of water utilized. This thirteen year old tech freak is also an avid coder, and is fluent in four coding languages.

A parent of the winning team student from AVM School said “India’s Future Tycoons is a great platform given to students to present their ideas and act sensitively to the surrounding problems by working on the themes from UN’s goals for sustainable development”

Another parent of the winning team student said “No amount of education can equal practical learning. Our children have learned a lot through practical experience provided by the founders of ENpower and the teachers present at the boot camps who guided them with the strategizing, marketing and business development division for their venture idea. We were glad to see them work with immense passion, hard work and dedication with an eagerness in their spirit to win the competition”.

The esteemed jury panel consisting of members, whose company business cross $1 billion valuation mark was stunned looking at the students’extraordinary skills sets, leadership qualities, a never-ending zeal and immense confidence on stage.

The Second RunnersUp team from AVM Bandra said “We had already made a skeleton of the idea, the boot camp helped us gauge competition, gave us an idea about entrepreneurship and also how we can turn this into a venture.” Their venture, named Owlett, was inspired by the zeal to provide students with news from around the world, which is fun and easy to read. Since children these days are unable to form opinions about current events due to complicated jargons in newspapers, they wanted to make a simplified version of newspapers that would make children become smarter and help them hold a conversation even about serious topics like politics and economics.

The First RunnersUp team from Hyderabad presented True Wipes, an idea based on converting the so-called wasteful Corn crops into useful, chemical free, handmade wet wipes with high water holding capacity. Inspired by Ikea using sustainable replacements for wood, this team aimed to help the world with eco-friendly tissues at affordable prices and empower the jobless technocrats.

Talking about India’s Future Tycoons as a platform, student from True Wipes  team said “We never dreamt of becoming entrepreneurs. Like many others, we would dream of becoming a teacher, a doctor or an engineer. We initially registered to just explore the platform but today post the learning in the boot camp and working on our own ideas for the Finale, the experience has left a mark of entrepreneurial dreams in us”.

Out of 48 teams participating in IFT competition,RBK international School had the maximum number of teams (17)qualifiyingforthe boot camps.Principal of RBK International School, Ms. Sagreeka Roy Bhatiasaid “Since the 21st century skill set requires students to logically reason and think critically, I wanted to give my children a platform to express their views. This was a great learning platform for students to learn life skills on entrepreneurship, marketing and branding provided by India’s Future Tycoon”

There were also other award winning categories. TheMost Innovative Idea was won by a team from Kota which took part in this event through a video conference. Their idea has multiple products which advocate water conservation and reuse of Grey Water in the flushing system of toilets.

The Best Brand Idea was bagged by a team from National Public School, Chennai. Their idea, called Enfocation, is a platformthat provides ExperientialLearning through local skilled worker who also benefit in the form of additional income sources.. The Best Elevator Pitchwas won, again, by a team from National Public School, Chennai. Their venture,FreEd, allows public school students to partner with private school students for their education. TheBest Business Model was won by Poshan, again a team fromNational Public School, Chennai– theymade an app that provides subscription-based healthy meals for preteens from home chefs.

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