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Muslim Law Board says triple talaq undesirable; files affidavit in SC

With the case against triple talaq getting strong and amidst the growing possibility that the Supreme Court (SC) may abolish the practice of triple talaq, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has changed its strategy to counter the situation. Earlier, the AIMPLB was strongly against the abolition of triple talaq, but now that their case has gotten weaker, the board has filed an affidavit in the SC, which says that triple talaq is an undesirable practice. The affidavit also says that the board will issue an advisory to all qazis to inform all bridegrooms at the time of ‘Nikahnama’ (marriage contract) to not use triple talaq in one sitting.

AIMPLB feels that such a process will curb the practice of triple talaq on its own and there won’t be any need to put a blanket ban on the practice. The board also said that it will send out this message to the Muslim community through its website, social media channels and other publications. An excerpt from the affidavit filed by AIMPLB reads, “At the time of performing ‘Nikah’ (marriage), the person performing the ‘Nikah’ will advise the bridegroom/man that in case of differences leading to talaq the bridegroom/man shall not pronounce three divorces in one sitting since it is an undesirable practice in Shariat.”

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