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Muslim Men are offered less opportunities in Britain – Research

BBC test found that a job seeker with an English-sounding name was preferred three times the total of interviews compares to an applicant with a Muslim name.

Arab Community in London

It is found British Muslims are less respectively denoted in managerial and professional occupations compare to any other religious group in Britain. In this regard, false candidates applied for 100 jobs as commercial managers in the modest field of advertising sales in London. Later on, about after two and a half months Adam was well offered three fold times more interviews than Mohamed.

Further both CV’s of Adam and Mohamed were updated in four recruitment sites, Adam received response from all 4 recruitment sites while Mohamed was contacted by only 2 recruitment sites.

University of Bristol’s Prof Tariq Modood analysed the BBC’s findings. He told a Muslim-sounding person’s CV is only probable to get an interview in one out of three cases. He added, it was worse than he thought.

A research conducted by the Research Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship at the University of Bristol revealed in Britain Muslim men are 76% less probable to get employment than their white Christian equivalents.

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