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Muslim Personal Law Board Tells Triple Talaq Is a Matter of Trust to Supreme Court

Today Muslim law board told to Supreme Court that philosophies of legitimate ethics and impartiality do not relate to triple talaq as it is a matter of trust.

According to the Muslim law board talaq thrice is 1,400-year-old practice. The board is protecting the practice of talaq thrice.

Kapil Sibal, the former law minister is appearing for the Muslim board has given an example comparing the triple talaq practice with Hindus trust that Lord Ram was born in Ayodhya and if someone carries faith that Lord Ram was born at Ayodhya, in that case, it is the matter of trust and legitimate ethics question does not arise.

He also added that triple talaq is in existence since 637. The practice is a matter of trust so no question arises of legitimate ethics and equity.

The basis of triple talaq can be reached in Hadith and it came into existence after the period of Prophet Muhammad, he added further.

Chief Justice of India asked that is e-talaq also there in existence.  Kapil Sibal told that e- talaq is also correct and it is coded too in a daintier mood.

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