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Muslim Rashtriya Manch runs No Beef Party – Now Cow Milk Party drive during Ramzan

Ramzan will start from May 26 and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh-backed Muslim Rashtriya Manch will drive a No beef party, but only cow milk party, this is the movement which is engaging to the Muslim civic not to have beef instead have cow milk.

Mohd Afzal of Muslim Rashtriya Manch said that Muslims are impugned for cow-slaughter and we wish to spread the communication that Muslims also effort to protect cows.

Finishing roza iftar, all Muslim Rashtriya Manch workers will give sharbat made of cow milk to the rozedars.

He also said that in the country iftar parties are organized during the Ramzan and organization will make people aware about the benefit of cow milk and disadvantage of eating beef.

Afzal said that Muslim Rashtriya Manch will request to the Muslim civic to support a Ram mandir at the dubious place in Ayodhya.

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