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Saturday , 20 April 2019
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UROC Records and Music Publishing (UROC), a part of the MVP3 Entertainment Group™, is not just a publisher of music it’s a partnership for every artist who signs with the company. UROC prides themselves in transparency, integrity and honest hard work mindset to get the job done with their artists. UROC leverages their connections and the distribution arm to provide better success and more freedom for an artist to not be owned, so to speak, it’s a 50/50 partnership.

“You got sticks and I got a match and together we can make a fire,” says Marie Pizano, Founder/CEO MVP3 Entertainment Group™.

Jeremiah Tucker signed with MVP3/UROC in 2016 when he recorded his song Hurricane. He has debuted three additional songs; White Trash Memphis, In My Hometown, and his latest Airborne Soldier since signing with UROC and these songs have been selected for use in two documentaries, a radio promo and his original Hurricane plays on FM Radio across the country. His song White Trash Memphis was featured in the movie Shattered and will be featured in the movie Glass Jaw slated for theater release later this year.

With the popularity of his first four songs, UROC is now filming the new music video for Hurricane with a Summer release date and Tucker will begin his cross-country radio tour this summer as well. Contact UROC or VSmith Media to have Tucker as a guest on your radio program.

Tucker’s music publishing and placement in film and radio is how UROC creates further opportunities for its artists. By doing this Pizano and the UROC team invest in the value of its artists by extending their reach to more people outside the traditional radio outlets.

Pizano says, “It takes a team and you must work together and it must be a win-win deal, or it will never work the right way. . .it’s time Memphis rises for real and she must start thriving again like she should be.”

MVP3 Entertainment Group | UROC Records and Music Publishing is based in Memphis, TN because Pizano wants to tap into the talent pool available in this music and entertainment driven city that has lost its number one place in the entertainment scene. Standing on the shoulders of giants and listening to their advice Pizano does not take no for an answer. She is driven to present a goldmine of talent hiding in the darkness of Memphis.

Like Tucker other artists in Memphis need a way to reach their dreams of telling their stories through music. UROC is looking for talent in the Memphis and Mid-South to sign and introduce these artists to opportunities that deliver investments and a future.

“. . .It’s not about being a diva and have a show me the money attitude, you must do the work and get out there and promote yourself too,” said Pizano. ‘You must know business like Issac Hayes said, ‘Know the business, learn the business and own something.’”

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