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My father will be back, says Sharif's daughter

Islamabad, July 28 (IANS) “Today will pave the way for Nawaz Sharif’s resounding victory in 2018. He will be unstoppable. Rok sakte ho to rok lo!” This is how Maryam Nawaz reacted on Friday after her father was disqualified as Pakistan’s Prime Minister.

Soon after the Supreme Court disqualified Sharif on corruption charges, leading to his resignation, Maryam tweeted: “Another elected Prime Minister sent home, but only to see him return with greater force and support and soonest. Stay strong PML-N.”

“Kion ghum main hain? (Why are you in sorrow?) Not the first time your leader had to face ouster and trial. Every such act has made him stronger. History bears witness,” added Maryam, who is also in the dock over what has come to be known as the Panama Papers case.

Referring to the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, she said: “PML-N stands united, more resolute and unfazed. That’s also unprecedented.”

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