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Mystery of Love

By: Mithu Ghoshal

There is a small industrial township – near Calcutta – the city of joy and love, named Budge Budge, the day, which I am talking about, was one of the working days of the week and had no label of any kind of speciality, it was quiet a normal day – pretty warm with a clear view of the cloudless sky. Time was Morning, around 9.30. The streets were sunny, bright and too busy and over populated – as usual. There was a school girl also in the crowd, a girl of 13/14 years of age, walking on the street towards her school and looking here and there simultaneously out of a childish curiosity. There was a tea stall – just beside the road. Some young men standing and sitting there – in the tea stall and were very busy in gossiping with each other at that time. Occasionally a little mouse came there from somewhere. One of the boys, who was standing there and absolutely unaware about the presence of the rat, stepped back suddenly and about to step over the body of that small creature. But, no, fortunately, another boy jumped and threw the little rat away. This way he succeeded to save the life of the rat though his own fingers were wounded badly.


That teenager girl was watching every moment of this incident very closely. She was really amazed! – This guy tried so hard to save the life of a small rat! Generally common people consider no worth of the lives of these types of small creatures like rats Etc. But this very simple guy of a lower middle class local family (as exhibited by his out fits, shoes, other accessories actually) comprehended that precious – priceless rather! – ‘He really has a lion heart – indeed!’- The girl concluded immediately.

This school girl was deeply impressed by this incident and the boy (especially by the boy). So, her eyes started searching him always whenever she went through the road soon after this incident.

That particular boy became the permanent resident of the sacred heart of the innocent girl eventually.

Primarily the boy did not know anything about the profound temptation of the girl towards him. But gradually he started noticing her and feeling something also. Her attitude, attribute manifested her emotions in front of the boy. These emotions touched the heart of the boy and made that wavy also.

Both of them were from a same locality hence they met here and there occasionally very often. They never talked to each other, did not share a single word of love or affection. They did nothing except look exchange. But something was there. Something very very very special. An untold feeling of attention, temptation, attraction, appreciation, admiration, respect!

– This is called LOVE! – A special type of feeling – accomplished by wavy emotions! Which has no bounding but has a strong commitment? Some people of the planet earth say – Love is worthless. Some people consider that the whole world is worthless without Love. Some people think Love is blind, some people think Universe is nothing but Love. – What do you think my dear reader! Is it a disease or a medicine or something which is very much creative behind the biggest creation of the biggest creator or Love is the real image of God! Would you please like to give me an answer!

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 A writer, poet, song-script-status writer, who is holding 2 world records (record titles are -MOST PUBLISHED AUTHOR OF DIFFERENT SUBJECTS and MAXIMUM WRITE UPS IN THREE LANGUAGES). I write scripts( for films, T.V. serials, Tele films, ads etc.), ad jingles, contents, features, articles, reports, reviews (of books, films, T.V serials, audio/video albums), stories, novels, dramas, songs, poems, tag lines, status – actually any kind of creative writing(for print media, film industry, web world etc.) in three languages – Bengali, English, Hindi.  and a classical singer a translator (English-Bengali,Hindi- Bengali) too.

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