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Myths about hangover debunked

Many hangover myths revolve around possible remedies, most of which are useless. These remedies might be useful for some people in particular but does not approve to be a proven remedy though.

Below are some hangover myths that needs to be put forth and rectified:

  1. Myth: Drink a strong cup of black coffee to speed recovery
    Fact: Having a cup of caffeine in the morning might actually make your nausea worse.
  2. Myth: Hangovers typically last anywhere between 8 and 24 hours.
    Fact: The only thing your body needs is time — depending on your weight, it takes about 3 hours to eliminate every 2 drinks you’ve had that night.
  3. Myth: Taking a shower helps in getting rid of the hangover
    Fact: Giving a drunk person a cold shower is a bad idea because the alcohol is already reducing their body temperature
  4. Myth: Drink more alcohol to keep hangover at bay
    Fact: Doing this will only prolong your hangover until later in the day, not cure it. Drinking more alcohol in the morning will only postpone the inevitable.

A serious hangover is a critical medical condition, and hence should be dealt with utmost care and knowledge. Even a small wrong step might worsen the situation rather than curing it. A medical advice from a doctor should be adhered to.

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