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Myths About love & Relationship

Romance with all its charm, fascination and longing for companionship, has its own shares of myths and realities. Each of us may vary with regard to the conceptualized definition of love and romance; but as one of the primeval human emotions; love which in turn gives way to romance or adventure is bound by certain age old myths which despite their oft repeated recurrence have little or no semblance of truth.


People being under the notion that marriage makes for the permanence of romance. The twin ideas of romance and marriage should be delinked from one another. While romance or love is an expression of feelings; marriage is one of the forms of social contract which does not necessarily make way for the permanence of romance.

Blind Trust:

True love may lead you to accept your partner just the way he or she actually is. But to say that love or romance is completely blind may turn out to be mythical. In case your partner is endowed with a disagreeable trait, it may not be all that colorful from the point of view of romance and relationship.

Material Happiness:

Similarly erroneous is the linking of romance with material happiness. One need not be rich in order to be romantic; or need not be flaunting with an exotically expensive gift to prove your idea of romance. Simple gestures of thankfulness and care may go a long way in highlighting the depth of romance.

Time Management:

In keeping with the idea that romance calls for a lot of efforts and time management; one may be extra careful and concerned to unfold the depth of his romantic feelings. But such a conscious display may prove to be falsely attractive. Romance is supposed to be a spontaneous feeling to unfold naturally with time and situations. So one need not put in extra bit of effort in order to prove a point. Trying to prove a point may turn out to be counterproductive.

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