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Narrow-minded and insensitive: Shakthisree on Rahman concert walkout

Chennai, July 15 (IANS) Well-known playback singer Shakthisree Gopalan on Saturday called the people who reportedly walked out of A.R Rahmans Wembley concert “narrow- minded and insensitive”.

In a post she shared via her Twitter page, she wrote: “How narrow-minded and insensitive of the walkout clan to be intolerant and unaccepting of a language from their own land.”

“If these people who live in foreign lands don’t know how to embrace and accept diverse backgrounds from their own country then how will they embrace people and cultures from other countries? How to they hope to be accepted themselves,” she asked.

Shakthisree, a regular collaborator with Rahman, has worked with him in films such as “Kadal”, “Maryan” and “24”.

She said it is shameful intolerance that is being spread.

“When we live in a time when any reason to celebrate togetherness and unity is a blessing, it is a shame to spread intolerance. There is no room of art for haters,” she said.

Shakthisree added: “Shame on those who, with petty reasons made a spectacle of their insensitivity and disrespect, to one of the greatest musicians of our time – an artiste who has brought this nation, its people and the music of this country, great honour and international presence.”

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