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Navrattan group an environmentally friendly and sustainable “GREEN” cement

Navrattan Group in today’s times is one prodigious syndicate working as a leading technology Giant and are increasingly dominating the global tech market. When it comes to making it big or going home, they know how to make it and break it well. They have proven time to time that when it comes to technology and its uses, the people making use of the facilities are not in any way compromising with the environment. They have made it a vital motive to conserve the environment and to eliminate degradation by practicing activities that are in no manner hazardous. With these cutting-edge technologies and dynamic management, they have become one of the leading business groups of companies. 
Himanshu Verma, the Founder & Chairman of the Navrattan Group, is the driving force behind the success. It is his skills, expertise, and precision that he has acquired over the years working as his father’s wingman that led him to establish the Navrattan Group of Companies. Since its inception, his diligent nature towards the company has led him to become one of the most sought-after tycoons globally. He is backed by Prithvi Singh, the Director of the Navrattan Group of companies, who has shown his proficiency and good governance that has led the company to adapt to the ever-changing business trends. 
Working as standalone, the organization has executed several programs simultaneously such as the Navrattan Cement Industries LLP, working to produce Navrattan Crete, an environment-friendly and sustainable ‘GREEN’ cement technology; Roman Ecological Cement Products Pvt Ltd, manufacturing the RECO Cement Additives, an innovative cementitious additives that not only protects the environment but is also stronger than Portland cement; Navrattan Infra Pvt Ltd., working in the construction sector. Other projects of prominence are the Sunsul Technology for energy formation, Sewage Water Sludge Elimination and the Cholesterol Immunization for the Immunization against Atherosclerosis. The above are the most well-known titles by which the Navrattan Group goes by. Name it and they are equipped with the best possible technology.

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