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Nawaz Sheriff snubbed in the Donald Trump event

Nawaz Sheriff was snubbed yesterday when he was not allowed to speak in the event which saw the participation of US President Donald Trump.

“The Pakistan PM wasn’t allowed to speak at the event, even as leaders of some small countries put forward their views on terrorism,” reported a private daily from Pakistan.

“The popular sentiment among the majority of Pakistani media delegation was that of a total humiliation of the sole Muslim nuclear power because not only there was no mention of Islamabad’s role against global terrorism but also the prime minister of the ‘frontline state’ was denied the opportunity to put forth its point of view.” it said.

Sheriff was in Saudi on the invitation from the King – Salman Bin Abdul Aziz to attend the US-Arab-Islamic summit in Riyadh. A release by Pakistan’s Foreign Office informs us that Nawaz Sharif did interact with “Saudi King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, President Donald Trump and other leaders from the Arab and Islamic countries”.

Referring to the humiliation, Pakistan’s opposition leader and former cricketer Imran Khan said  “The most important thing is that he [Trump] did not even mention Pakistan, the country that fought America’s war and lost 70,000 people”.

Imran Khan criticised Trump for praising India and said that Pakistan should have talked about the plight of Kashmiris and Palestinians.

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