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NCPCR instructs CBSE not to enforce books on children

National Commission for Protection of Child Rights received many complaints from parentages of school children about imposing of books other than NCERT. In this matter, NCPCR has penned a communication to Chairman of CBSE. In the communication, it is asked CBSE to eliminate the conflicts and flaws which affect the acumen of the education system.

NCPCR member Priyank Kanoongo wrote the letter to CBSE and mentioned that center government has defined NCERT as a theoretical specialist to build the course in schools.  

As per the notification, NCERT syllabus should be followed by all schools, which comes under the range of RTE Act, 2009.

According to the NCERT foundational evaluation is the assessment of learning and it is planned to screen. It improves students’ development during the teaching-learning process and is not meant to be graded. On the other hand, collective valuation is the assessment of learning to measure child’s performance constructed on choice condition.

In the letter, it is further mentioned that assessment method followed by CBSE associated schools is dissimilar from NCERT as different syllabus trained in such schools and it results in the requirement of extra study material which finally become costly affair while education to be reasonable at cost.

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