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Nefficar Makes Outpatient Communication for Doctors more Convenient & Easy

Let mask or social distancing not get in the way of your communication

Bengaluru, IN: Since the advent of the pandemic, our everyday communication has changed considerably. With social distancing norms and masks being constantly up, outpatient communication has become a major challenge in the hospitals. For doctors & other hospital staff, being out on foot all day long and straining the vocal cords to be heard properly by patients was proving to be quite taxing. Having eased communication constraints in the classrooms, Nefficar’s voice amplifiers have also been a saving grace for doctors, nurses, and frontline workers, helping them communicate effectively & conveniently. 

While the company might have chosen to sit quietly until the schools opened as its primary users were teachers, it identified a problem that could be solved creatively with the existing voice amplifiers while helping doctors overcome a challenge – voice amplifiers for doctors being loud, clear & natural, for sure take away some hassle from the job. 

Here is what one of the doctor’s from an eminent hospital has to say:

“I was concerned about the need to shout with the N95 mask and face shield in use. I used to feel my vocal cords tiring after seeing a few patients. My niece suggested I use a microphone plus speaker device. I looked up on amazon and google and found this product. I then sent her the info and when she okayed it I purchased it. It has helped me a lot.”

Of the company’s other versatile audio products, their wireless lavalier collar mic and wireless microphoneshave also proven to be really handy for people who have to now conduct online classes, consultations & training. Being wireless, they offer enormous flexibility compared to cabled microphones, and are cost-effective too.


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