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Nepal’s second phase of poll unknown and undecided


Nepal’s House Speaker Onsari Gharti Magar on Thursday prorogued Parliament, leaving the fate of the second phase of local body polls unknown and undecided.

Agitating parties have been consistent in their demand that local body polls cannot take place without a consensus being reached on the Constitution Amendment.

The government on Thursday accepted some of the demands of the Madhesh and Tharuhat movements and also agreed to facilitate the release of political prisoners.

Nepal on Sunday held the first phase of local elections after nearly two decades in three of the seven provinces which witnessed a 73 percent turnout.

The holding of election in remaining provinces remains uncertain for now.

The low lying areas where the second phase of election is scheduled to be held have nine million voters and the electoral body of Nepal, Election Commission, Nepal is set to start the preparations for the election from next week.

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