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NetRack Launches ‘Safe Transfer Switch’ to Increase Efficiency of Data Centers

STS addresses the problems related to power fluctuations and eliminates downtime 

unnamed (1)BENGALURU, India – December 18, 2014: NetRack, a leading solutions provider for data centers and end-to-end IT server racks, today announced the launch of Safe Transfer Switch (STS) to provide greater reliability and flexibility to data centers.  STS is not just cost effective and easy to use, but also offers fail-over redundancy to single or dual power supply servers and network devices.

Safe Transfer Switch eliminates the problems that come up due to power fluctuations or weak power sources. It comes with an ability to designate the power source either to the primary or secondary switch. This way it ensures uninterrupted operations and increases the overall efficiency of data centers. 

Earlier enterprises were using Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) to provide temporary electric power if the utility source failed. But like every other product, it has its own limitations. It costs more than the manual model and occasionally responds to false signals. Moreover it also prohibits load balancing. 

Mr Ravi RajBrand Head, Director Sales & Support at NetRack said, “Honestly, switching of power between primary (utility) and secondary (backup or supplemental) power sources was a big concern for enterprises. We are really glad to announce the launch of STS which has the ability to resolve the issue.” 

  • Provides safe, clean, failover switching
  • Capability to carry loads
  • Adds redundancy to devices
  • Easy-to-use, reliable, plug-and-play operation
  • Sets up(installation) in seconds
  • Works reliability and efficiently with grid, UPS, generator, and inverter/solar inputs
  • Adds surge protection for cleaner power
  • Output may be connected to servers or power controllers for remote status monitoring
  • Cost effective

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