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Saturday , 23 March 2019
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New book inspires veterans with PTSD

Author’s latest title tells real life success stories of vets suffering from brain injury and other military traumas.

All too often, today’s veterans need help when they return from combat duty overseas – help finding a job, help recovering from PTSD, help reintegrating into an academic environment and a complex civilian routine. By telling the stories of those who achieved these successes, the author hopes it will help others summons the inspiration to overcome these obstacles.

The former Marine and Army veteran’s new book, RE-ENTRY: Taking Back Your Life, offers inspiring real-life stories told by the veterans of Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam and World 

War II who’ve dealt with PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and other military related traumas. The book also provides essential information about Veterans Court, and tips on finding employment with Federal agencies, like the Border Patrol.

Collaborating with Whittingslow is George Gafner LCSW, who has provided therapy or supervised the treatment of 10,000 veterans and their families. For 28 years, Gafner worked 

at the Southern Arizona Veterans Affairs Health Care System as director of family therapy and hypnosis training.

Whittingslow came up with the idea for the book after meeting veterans who were struggling with adjustment to civilian life while he was working as a volunteer at the Southern

 Arizona VA hospital. “I wanted to give something back to the military, and the VA for their support,” said the 81-year-old author.

The book continues Whittingslow’s commitment to write books that inspire people to find a better path in their lives. His last book Uncommon Wisdom: The Inspiring Lessons of 12 Extraordinary People, included interviews with a 108-year-old Navajo grandmother and a Nobel Prize winner. It received five-star reviews on His first book, Living Gods, Broken Idols, described the lessons he learned from a reputed 2,000-year-old reincarnation of a Hindu god in the Himalayas.

Whittingslow is a former advertising executive and magazine editor in Los Angeles and Fort Meyers Fl where he received Florida Magazine Association’s “Charlie Award,” first place

for investigative reporting of a two-part series on Havana, Cuba.

Taking Back Your Life is available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon Books.

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