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New Philips 6000 seriesAmbilight TVs with great Full HD picture quality and high contrast

  • Philips 6300 and 6500 Ambilight Full HD TVs feature Perfect Pixel HD engine to deliver high contrast, vivid colours, superb sharpness, and fluent motion
  • Ambilight makes the TV experience more immersive
  • Philips 6500 models are powered by the latest version of Android TVTM for a Smart TV experience rich in variety

Amsterdam, March17th, 2015–Picture quality has the strongest pull on consumers when they are making a decision on which TV to buy. The new Philips 6300 and 6500 Ambilight Full HD TVs will satisfy the most demanding viewers. Thanks to their Perfect Pixel HD engines they give movie and TV fans the picture quality that they want: crisp, fluent, vivid and lifelike Full HD images rich in contrast. 2-sided Ambilight makes the TV experience more immersive by throwing a glow of light onto the wall behind the device – dynamically matching the on-screen colours.The upcoming Philips 6300 and 6500 TV series will come to market in Europe and Russia in the second quarter of 2015.

Philips 6300 – high-level Full HD picture quality

Philips 6300 series Full HD TVsare targeted at consumers who prefer a straight-forward TV experience with great picture quality. They comewith Perfect Pixel HD picture quality engines featuring Natural Motion. Having this advanced technology onboard ensures that motion is fluid yet sharp. To optimize the contrast,Micro Dimming automatically adjusts the direct LED backlight by analyzing the on-screen content in 6,400 different zones in real time. This delivers incredible contrast, with dark blacks sitting alongside bright whites for a lifelike visual experience.

Philips 6500 – powered by Android TV™

Philips 6500 Ambilight Smart TVs push both picture quality and TV experience to an even higher level. Thesesleek Full-HD Smart TVs feature the latest version of Android TVTMfor a fast, personalised TV experience rich in features and content.Complementingthe Philips Smart TV platform, they give access to a widearray of Android apps and online games. A specially-designed remote control with a QWERTY keyboard makes text input and navigation through the menus easy.

The Perfect Pixel HD engine featuresPerfect Natural Motion for fluid andsharp motion and alsoSuper Resolution to enhance sharpness and details of images. Last but not least, Micro Dimming Pro improves contrast by taking into account ambient lighting condition in its dynamic adaption of the LED backlight according to the real-time analysis of on-screen content in 6,400 different zones.

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