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New WhatsApp Complaint Number for Army Personnel

Faced with rising cases of army personnel posting their grievances on social media, the Indian Army has issued a new WhatsApp number that soldiers can use to register their complaint directly to Army Chief General Bipin Rawat. The WhatsApp number on which such complaints can be registered is +91 9643300008.


Speaking on the development, a senior army official said that a grievance redressal mechanism already exists within the army and this mechanism is quite prompt in resolving issues faced by army personnel. However, in case a soldier feels that his problem has not been resolved to his satisfaction, he can use this WhatsApp number to register the complaint directly with the Army Chief’s office.

Although this appears to be a good move, some people in the army have questioned its effectiveness. They say that this is a common WhatsApp number, which means that anyone in the world can send messages to this number. As such, it would be susceptible to a lot of spam messages coming in. It would become quite difficult to check what kind of messages, images, videos, links, etc. are sent on this WhatsApp number.

It remains to be seen how this new WhatsApp number will help the army tackle its voices of discontent.

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