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News Channel send Sketch artist to WH press briefing

In what seems to be yet another assault on Media by the Trump administration, the White House has been prohibiting cameras at some press briefings.

This had lead the CNN to send a sketch artist to white house for a press briefing.

The network sent, Bill Hennessy, who normally covers the Supreme Court proceedings, headed over to the White House on Friday afternoon and drew Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s afternoon briefing. 

Over the duration of Donald Trump’s first six months as president, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has more routinely favoured off-camera gaggles, which tend to be shorter and more informal, over traditional on-camera briefings. The move has drawn outcry from the press.

Hennessy’s presence highlighted the significant change in White House access that has taken place recently.

Press secretaries for both Republican and Democratic presidents have regularly held on-camera press briefings for the past 25 years.

But the White House Correspondents’ Association is still urging the Trump administration to stop holding off-camera gaggles as a substitute for on-camera press briefings. The Trump White House has been cutting back on the frequency and the length of on-camera briefings.

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