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NHRC intervenes in Jharkhand lynching case; orders DGP to submit report

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has taken suo motu cognizance of the Jharkhand lynching case based on media reports that showed people drenched in blood begging for their lives. Based on the reports, NHRC has issued a notice to the Director General of Police in Jharkhand. The commission has asked the DGP DK Pandey to submit a detailed report on the incident. NHRC has come out strongly against the lynching incident and has termed is as an assault on civilized society. An official statement released by NHRC said, “A civilized society cannot allow such heinous crimes to occur where human lives are taken by angry mob merely on suspicion of them being anti-social elements. The incidents amount to violation of right to life of the innocent victims targeted by the perpetrators. The law enforcing agencies of the state have certainly failed to perform their lawful duty.”

It may be recalled that the Jharkhand lynching happened on May 18 at three different locations in Jharkhand. Sources said that 7 people were killed by villagers on the suspicion that the people were child lifters. It is also being said that the villagers reacted this way, as there was a rumor going around that child lifters are active in the region. The angry villagers had even attacked policemen and burnt two of their vehicles when they tried to intervene. Meanwhile, the police have taken action against the people involved in the lynching. Around 15 people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the case.

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