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Nigerians attacked in Greater Noida after student dies of drug overdose

In a racial attack, a group of protestors in Greater Noida attacked three Nigerian men and beat them up brutally. The protestors were carrying out a candle-light march in remembrance of 17 year old Manish Khari, who is said to have died of drug overdose. Since Nigerians are often involved in drug pedaling, the protestors carried enmity against the Nigerians. The candle-light march was going on peacefully, but when the group spotted some Nigerians at Ansal Plaza, their anger was unleashed and they brutally beat up three Nigerians.

The three Nigerians who were beaten up were Endurance Amarawa, Ibgiya Malu Chukwuma and Precious Amalcima. They have been admitted to a hospital and are reported to be safe. Soon after the attack, the police have increased security in the area where several more African nationals reside. The police want to ensure the security of African nationals, which is why additional police personnel have been deployed in the area. Kasna SHO, Avnish Dixit said, “Following the scuffle that took place last evening, we have taken all necessary steps to ensure safety of African nationals. The police have kept vigil all night to control the situation.”

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