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Sunday , 18 August 2019
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“Nikhil Chandwani receives Rashtriya Gaurav Award and releases his 10th book

“The Modern Day Hindu.”

the modern day hindu

A new book, ‘The Modern Day Hindu’ is set to simplify the knowledge of Hinduism. The book unravels the knowledge of Hinduism through a very cosmic approach. Modern Day Hindu needs you to blur the edges of white and the dark spheres of life. It is my journey, practicing a very rare Hindu way of living, and blending the same with Quantum Physics, The Cosmos, a whole lot of Hollywood Movie mentions, Rock Music and Passionate Resistance.

The Modern Day Hindu is a knowledge-driven non-fiction book written in order to reveal the hidden knowledge in Hinduism. The book links cosmos with Hinduism and demystifies Shlokas through rock music. Hollywood Movie reference is profoundly used in the book in order to teach the inner laws that are useful to govern oneself in Hinduism.

The book is my experience of practicing Hinduism in the 21st Century. I’ve tried to simply all the knowledge of this beautiful religion through the use of modern-day references and that’s why the title, The Modern Day Hindu!” mentions author Nikhil Chandwani.

The book brings death, the death of a mistaken identity. The modern-day Hindu shows the hidden and forgotten side of Hinduism which is left ignored by everyone. The knowledge and science in Hindutva. The scientific reasons why certain practices exist and all of this knowledge is served to the readers through Hollywood movie references and rock music-themed shlokas. Nikhil believes this book will be a revolutionary step in how Hinduism is practiced.

The book provides resolutions to the Twenty-First Century dilemmas through certain laws, I decoded, while implementing classical Indian knowledge. The book reveals the wandering consciousness of Hinduism. Awareness, that might complete your missing puzzle. It just might.” The book mixes rock music with Chakras. It is currently available on Amazon- India.

The author is also a firm believer of Hindu way of living- Sanatan Dharma. He vows to protect Dharma by capturing the real history of India and spreading it amongst youngsters. With his team, the author is also researching on bringing out the lost history from the ancient era, with an aim to again bring India to the world stage as the world capital of arts, religion, and science.

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