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Sunday , 21 April 2019
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Nitins chawla

Nitin chawla with komal chawlaMultifaceted Nitin Chawla aka Nonu is an entrepreneur who has achieved everything through his drive and innovation, in other words he is a completely self-made and successful businessman. He is a typical tall dark and handsome guy with a very intelligent head on his shoulder always buzzing with ideas.

He is the man behind the success of one of the most innovative concepts called CINEMA LOUNGE which caters to the creme de la creme of the society. His lounge today is the most sought after place not only among the corporate honchos but also by the young and the yuppies. The capital’s glitterati finds it the place to spend their time in.

The Cinema Lounge is a mix of Bollywood theme and regular lounging where one can go and chill out with film memorabilia. Now Nitin has plans to replicate the concept at various places in the city as well as take it to the pan India level. Nitin is a quick decision maker and very confident about the projects he launches. He is known for taking a project from the drawing board to implementation in record time.

His networking abilities are exceptional and he is well loved wherever he goes. He is immensely well connected both in glamour as well as the corporate worlds. Nitin is loath to resting on his laurels and has concrete plans to venture out and diversify in other areas now.

Being a health and fitness freak he has plans to launch a chain of spas which would also have a gym to give people a holistic look and appearance.  He is committed to come up with a completely innovative concept. He intends to turn the capital into a health hub. His spa will be a never-seen-before amalgamation of beauty, health and wellness.

His good friend Bollywood actor Rahul Dev, who is a fitness freak himself, has also been a regular source of inspiration for him. Both of them being health conscious connect with each other and their compatibility metamorphosed or manifested into this venture. Nitin and Rahul have been the bouncing board for each other.

Nitin is of the opinion that people will get even more health conscious during the days to come and there should be adequate infrastructure in place for that growing demand. His spa-gym combo is a step towards achieving that goal. However, he doesn’t expect his clientele to be limited to the Page 3 crowd but feels people from all walks of life will subscribe to his concept. Nitin’s dreams are big but he has the earnest desire to turn them into reality. His brilliance is evident in his myriad accomplishments and he plans to go miles before he rests.

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