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No aluminium foil for hookah? Try these instead

Hookah lovers love to romance with the smoke and they are even very particular about how their hookah/shisha is made. Be it the flavors, amount of coal, flavoring of the water or the amount of flavours being put. But one thing that many of us might come across while making the hookah at home,  is the shortage of aluminium foil.

However, today we have got you some interesting alternatives for the aluminum foil for hookah:

  1. If you have an old stainless steel cheese grater, you could cut one of the sides to fit your bowl with tin snips
  2. Cut a soda can and put holes in it
  3. many layers of a mesh screen from window or door
  4. Saran wrap is a good foil alternative
  5. If you have two sets of tongs, you could place the tongs on top of the bowl then the coals right on the tongs

These alternatives may not work exactly the way the original would work, but we can however assure that you can still enjoy the hookah. But be careful while chasing the material that you are using. Be aware and cautious before trying any alternatives.

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